Losing balance, whether due to trauma or life's many transitions, can lead to you to experience increased feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, sadness, or other physical or emotional symptoms associated with depression and can often lead to unhealthy ways of dealing with life. Together we will explore childhood experiences, past trauma, and current life events to bring into focus your path to balance and mental wellness. Get in touch to book an appointment.

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Family & Relationship Counseling

The goal of relationship and family counseling is to increase awareness of patterns in communication and interactions that may be damaging to the relationship or family system. It is meant to initiate growth and development between members by guiding each member through a self-reflective process to examine different roles and communication styles that make up the family or couple dynamic. Contact me today to begin rebuilding a foundation of communication and understanding that allows your relationship and family to thrive.

Clinical Supervision

Much like with clients, I take a holistic, integrative, collaborative approach to supervision. I will encourage you to draw from your whole life experiences as you build upon your knowledge of well-established scientific treatments of therapy and begin to balance that with your unique and individual art form of therapy. 

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Clinical supervision.PNG