You already have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to become the woman you want to be. 

It's time to stop believing you don't.



Reclaim Your Narrative


Freely Live Outside Walls
of limiting thoughts and beliefs 

F.L.O.W. is a Curriculum Based,
Group Mindset and Life
Coaching Experience*

 For High Achieving Women who are ready to


from the subconscious narratives of social conditioning and


in their lives without the nagging belief that they can't.

This Mindset and Life Coaching Experience is for you if 

You're a woman who KNOWS that you are "KILLIN IT" in your professional life...

You're the one that friends and co-workers call on for advice...

You're the one who is always admired for her STYLE...

It is rare that people see you without a SMILE on your face... 

Others would describe you as CONFIDENT or BADASS!


You still sometimes feel 

 POWERLESS instead of powerful

Directionless, or like you are  “JUST KINDA GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS” 

You SECRETLY BATTLE with low confidence and feel like an IMPOSTER

You're CONSTANTLY AT WAR with yourself 


You STRUGGLE WITH IDENTITY outside of your roles


You just feel "STUCK"

You find yourself wondering, WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

NOTHING… nothing is WRONG with you…

Erika with Sunflower

Believe me when I say, I HEAR YOU...I FEEL YOU… I WAS YOU!

Here's the truth about all those thoughts... 

They are rooted in messages that have been reinforced by narratives associated with PATRIARCHY, SEXISM, RACISM, RELIGION, RESPECTABILITY POLITICS, GENERATIONAL, SOCIAL, AND CULTURAL CONDITIONING.

and that means



  • Bring awareness to the social conditioning of your thoughts 

  • Explore your values so you can write new thoughts and a new story

  • Reprogram thoughts, beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that might be keeping you STUCK


  • Develop YOUR PERSONALIZED ACTION PLAN to help you finally start moving towards those goals you keep dreaming about  (You know, the ones you keep to yourself because you're afraid if you tell, you fail…THE LIES)!

We start with AWARENESS  

Awareness of Body:

Being aware of your emotional and PHYSICAL responses can provide a ton of information about your environment and what you believe to be true about it. For many people "Coping" with emotions often leads to IGNORING the emotions. Your body is talking to you all the time - Listen to it. Feeling irritable might be telling you that you need a nap OR it could be telling you that you're in a relationship that you've outgrown. Either way, ignoring emotional or physical responses to your environment is a recipe for staying STUCK. 

Awareness of Values:

Once you are aware of the foundational identity stories, you can sift through the messages you've received from them and decide whether or not they are moving you forward or keeping you STUCK. You  may find that you've outgrown some ideas and beliefs that are still in operation and in DIRECT CONFLICT with your dreams of becoming "HER". This will be an opportunity for you to discover what your TRUE VALUES are so you can start making those VALUE BASED DECISIONS that are more aligned with you.  And... if those new values are different from everybody else's... there is STILL NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! 

Awareness of STORY:

Being aware of foundational stories that shaped your identity will shine some light on the subconscious messages that silently dictate the decisions you make... or DON'T MAKE. When we don't bring these stories and the messages they carry into our CONSCIOUSNESS we find ourselves being driven by values, beliefs, or ideas, that are in conflict with our goals. We experience higher anxiety because our actions and values are  misaligned. And we find ourselves navigating life with narratives we didn't write. 

Awareness of Vision:

YOU HAVE TO WRITE THE VISION! You've been dreaming of "ONE DAY" for far too long, friend. It's time to put the vision on paper and start making an ACTUAL PLAN to move toward it. Being CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of the vision and the steps to get there will bring some much needed FOCUS and CLARITY to the dream. Having a FOR REAL PLAN seasoned with some focus and clarity will leave you less time to get caught up in the MIND TRASH that keeps you on the hamster wheel and going NOWHERE.


"I thought it was going to be more tedious but it's been so easy to integrate the awareness throughout the day. I am starting to catch myself quicker when I start coming up with excuses or doubting myself. Like, I'll ask myself 'why am I doing this'… or I'll say, 'No… I am not going down that path again'. Me and my partner have noticed that I've been less petty. I used to stay shut down for a few hours when I was mad, I still do it but I have gotten better at challenging myself to get out of it instead of just staying there. Erika challenged me to really question WHY I do that. I figured out I saw my parents do that when I was young! Like, how did I not realize that before? I have to do this myself… no one is coming to save me or give me attention… Now when my partner asks me what's wrong, I can just say what's wrong and we talk… there's no need to stay stuck in that crap for days''.

Nurse, Tacoma, Washington

Awareness is only part of the journey...

We'll spend some time Investigating...

If Awareness is identifying the WHAT, then Investigating will help you identify the WHY that supports the WHAT.

On this part of the journey you get comfortable with CURIOSITY as you learn to become the scientist of YOU.

You'll explore thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that keep you...

"In yo' feelin's" (always mad and complaining about something)...

Believing you "CAN'T" instead of figuring out how you CAN...

And Living a life of repetitive cycles of reactive decision making vs intentionally making decisions from a value driven mindset.

And Reprogramming


When you were a kid, did you ever hear the saying, "When You KNOW better, You DO better"? 

Or maybe you heard, 

"You should've known better, Why did you do that"?

Listen, When it comes to changing behaviors or breaking cycles, just KNOWING the WHAT and the WHY is not enough.

There's this thing called, NEUROSCIENCE.

Neuroscience will tell you that in order to make real change happen, you have to practice a behavior over and over.

Reprogramming the subconscious desire to let self-doubt and fear guide your actions takes 


 Committing to reprogramming will allow you to replace old responses with those that are intentionally aligned with how you want to show up in life.

The process of F.L.O.W. is unique to each person.


"It’s been an amazing transformation… It feels like even though it’s been happening slowly, there have been bursts. Recently I noticed that I am feeling it. I mean it is a physical feeling… I’m not carrying all the unnecessary anxiety in my body. I am feeling the lightness in my body".


Non-profit program manager, Tukwila, Washington


"I've had so many different therapists. In just my short time working with Erika, I am able to see so many different toxic cycles in my life... so many toxic relationships... I've been in them so long that I didn't know they were toxic. Erika is helping me recognize my own behavior that keeps those cycles going and now I am making plans to move different".


Graduate Student, Washington State


F.L.O.W. Includes...

LIVE/ Virtual teaching as we work through the FLOW curriculum. Weekly lessons will be presented virtually via Zoom. There will be a few recorded onboarding videos. These are required to watch so you can start preparing yourself, your family, and your environment for the changes that are about to happen.

Mastermind group coaching in addition to the teaching sessions, we will meet weekly to talk about homework assignments, the challenges you may be facing, and the big and small FLOW wins you want to share! We’re doing this together y’all - That’s how we thrive!!

Hot seat coaching opportunities During the group coaching hour, one person is in the Hot Seat. This is where I will give focused attention to that person, while other members sit silently and observe. There will be an opportunity for discussion at the end.

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More information about next Cohort coming soon!

Here's what women are saying about F.L.O.W. and working with Erika...

“I don’t always like it when Erika calls me out on my shit, but I love how supportive she is when she does it”.



Healthcare Worker, Washington State

Reclaim your narrative... 

and start living INTENTIONALLY EMPOWERED in your life. 

Ready to Enroll?


*While Erika Cherry is a Licensed Therapist, Being enrolled in F.L.O.W. is NOT a replacement for therapy. 

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