Meet Erika... 

An Arkansas native, Erika Cherry is a mental health consultant, international speaker, and a licensed mental health counselor with over 12+ years of experience working with individuals, groups, couples and families in various healthcare and community settings. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology both from University of Central Arkansas. 

Erika relocated to Washington State in 2014 and it was her move across the country that made her acutely aware of the stagnating effect that tightly held thoughts, expectations, beliefs and narratives can have on a persons ability to be fully present and participate in the creation of their lives. 

Since starting private practice in 2018, Erika has been passionate about creating space for clients to explore "stuck-points" in their lives with curiosity while opening themselves to the possibility of creating their own story of identity, power, and wellness. 

In her own journey of forward motion and wellness, Erika is intentional about creating sacred healing space through journaling, meditation, movement, fueling her body from primarily plant based sources, engaging in relationships of positive energy exchange, and being with The Divine in nature. Erika also attributes much of her motivation for the personal and professional work she does to her husband, children, and her beautiful GRANDSON!

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Therapeutic Approach

Therapy is a process that involves

  • remembering unpleasant events and emotions;

  • bringing awareness to destructive and self-sabotaging behavior or communication patterns; and

  • discovering more deeply who you are at your core.  


Being on this path of remembering, awareness, and discovery can ignite overwhelming intellectual, emotional, physical, or spiritual responses.

My goal is to create a space for clients to explore those responses without limiting themselves with labels and expectations that do not promote forward movement.

I infuse trauma-informed mindful awareness with an intersectional approach to treatment that highlights the complex, and often overlapping, cultural, spiritual, familial, societal and historical factors that contribute to a person’s identity and perspective.

Emotional work is hard, and it can often leave you with feelings of discomfort. This is to be expected. I encourage you to go through the therapeutic process with a mindset of curious self-discovery. 


At Awaken Wellness, We Believe... 

  • Awareness is a first line of defense when dismantling limiting thoughts and beliefs.

  • Ignorance is not bliss; it is dangerous.

  • Understanding yields perspective... perspective yields understanding.

  • History can be guidance and wisdom for the present.

  • We often learn of ourselves through adversity.

  • Each role and intersection of a person's life can consist of competing expectations that can cause internal conflicts and emotional imbalance. 

  • Consequences are not "good" or "bad". They are just changes in an environment (internal or external) that follows a behavior.

  • The power to create personal change lies within oneself... not somebody else.

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