building awareness is the first step to discovering your path to wellness

Meet Erika

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When I left my home state of Arkansas and relocated to Washington State, it was more than a physical move. Previous visits to Washington over the years had given me a glimpse of what to expect, but I did not anticipate the jolting impact the move would have on every single aspect of my life. After 40 years of being rooted in the same place, I was now untethered in a new city that seemingly did not offer me a place to land.


I struggled to find that familiar feeling that brings comfort when one is lost. My confidence disappeared. I began to question my every move. My life roles changed. My faith wavered. I gained weight and lost hair. Sleep never came (and if it did it was accompanied by nightmares). Relationships were torn. I questioned my perception and understanding of the world. The things I thought  I'd "figured out" in my life resurfaced and were more confusing than ever.  I was out of balance, and I began to examine the manner in which I interacted with my environment, my friends, my family… and myself. Sure, I was seeking support from a therapist, and we had a great relationship. Then my therapist moved away in the middle of my transition. (OH GREAT…another jolt).


Fast-forward three and a half years (yep, it took about that long), as I started to find my footing in my new environment, l realized that my transition brought into focus several areas of my life that needed attention. This awareness was startling and overwhelming to say the least. Overtime I learned that if I truly wanted to find balance and move forward, I would have to spend some time understanding those areas of need. 


The discovery of my own unique path to wellness laid the foundation for the creation of Awaken Wellness, PLLC. I believe life's transitions have a way of creating opportunities of chaos that can lead to opportunities of understanding and growth. As a mental health therapist, I wanted to create a space for clients to work through the chaos, and explore the opportunities of growth with curiosity and mindful awareness while moving towards discovering a path to wellness. I know how difficult navigating the path can be and I am committed to helping you build awareness, understand your needs, and grow. Whether you are trying to define wellness as an individual or a couple, there's no need to do it alone. Let me help you discover your unique path to wellness today. 

Wellness is a multi-dimensional state of positive health that requires consistent awareness, continuous assessment, and conscious actions to achieve and maintain. Understanding the interconnectedness of  the dimensions gives greater insight into how elements(past or present) in one area of  life have the potential to positively or negatively impact your overall picture of health and balance.

My practice focuses on helping clients:

  • Use mindful awareness as a tool  to assess and monitor physical or emotional responses to internal or external  stressors;

  • Process emotions related to the identified responses in an effort to discover and understand the underlying unmet need  that perpetuates the intense emotional/physical response;

  • Determine an appropriate course of action to satisfy the need (or overcome the growth obstacle);

  • Discover sustainable self-care and emotional regulating skills that fit naturally within their existing lifestyle and that will bring a sense of balance and control to everyday life.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.