building awareness is the first step to discovering your path to wellness

Meet Erika

When I left my home state of Arkansas and relocated to Washington State, it was more than a physical move. Previous visits to Washington over the years had given me a glimpse of what to expect, but I did not anticipate the jolting impact the move would have on every single aspect of my life. After 40 years of being rooted in the same place, I was now untethered in a new city that seemingly did not offer me a place to land.


I struggled to find that familiar feeling that brings comfort when one is lost. My confidence disappeared. I began to question my every move. My life roles changed. My faith wavered. I gained weight and lost hair. Sleep never came (and if it did it was accompanied by nightmares). Relationships were torn. I questioned my perception and understanding of the world. The things I thought  I'd "figured out" in my life resurfaced and were more confusing than ever.  I was out of balance, and I began to examine the manner in which I interacted with my environment, my friends, my family… and myself. Sure, I was seeking support from a therapist, and we had a great relationship. Then my therapist moved away in the middle of my transition. (OH GREAT…another jolt).


Fast-forward three and a half years (yep, it took about that long), as I started to find my footing in my new environment, l realized that my transition brought into focus several areas of my life that needed attention. This awareness was startling and overwhelming to say the least. Overtime I learned that if I truly wanted to find balance and move forward, I would have to spend some time understanding those areas of need. 


The discovery of my own unique path to wellness laid the foundation for the creation of Awaken Wellness, PLLC. I believe life's transitions have a way of creating opportunities of chaos that can lead to opportunities of understanding and growth. As a mental health therapist, I wanted to create a space for clients to work through the chaos, and explore the opportunities of growth with curiosity and mindful awareness while moving towards discovering a path to wellness. I know how difficult navigating the path can be and I am committed to helping you build awareness, understand your needs, and grow. Whether you are trying to define wellness as an individual or a couple, there's no need to do it alone. Let me help you discover your unique path to wellness today. 

I have always wanted to have a holistic wellness center that would encompass artistic/non-standard forms of therapy. Through my work with youth (and through personal experience) Awaken Wellness manifested and I was led to a place where this providing the service of helping people on their personal wellness journey was a necessity.​ Life transitions brought me to an understanding that as one part of life is off balance, all of life is off balance. My work involves the alignment of what I call the Dimensions of Wellness designed to help a person achieve clarity and guidance upon their life journey.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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